Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A School Quarter's Worth of Catch up....December

Every year our the youth of our church perform at our annual Christmas party. Each year gets better and better. This year they practiced twice a week for four weeks. It was intense and the pressure was on. LOL

I had Jakey and Isaac in this routine. The stills are okay but the video tells the true story. Hope you enjoy.
 Isaac is the tall kid on the right.
 Jakey is toward the middle.
 Jakey is up front next to the dude in the Santa shirt.
 Jakey working the dance floor.
In the middle is Daniel's best friend. It was great to see him, as you can tell Isaac is super excited, or super faking for the camera. I am gonna go with faking. Either way it was great to see Forbush. 

Here is the video. About half way through you will see a man in a white headband and plaid sweatshirt. Watch him closely. His moves steal the show.

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