Friday, September 21, 2012

Wolf Pride

I have recently been placed in charge of our local Wolf den. For those not in the know this is 8 yr old boy level of Cub Scouting. Last week we learned all about our national and state flag. We are also performing the flag ceremony for this months pack meeting. We had a vote and decided that our den needed its own flag. The boys designed it and I cut up and old sheet and painting it. I still need to add the ribbons with each of their names on it. Figured ribbons would be better than painting their names on there as boys will be coming and going through Wolves over the years. I did not put on our pack number because we are a combined pack. I hope this getting them excited about cub scouts and also give us a bit of den pride. :)


  1. Nursery to scouts, I think that qualifies as a step up. Not a very big step, mind you but a step up all the same. Have fun!

  2. well these ones are at least potty trained....for the most part.