Thursday, September 13, 2012


Jakey has a very unique style. He is not a slave to fashion in any way. He wears what he feels looks good and is functional to his activities for that day. After noticing this I decided to documents his outfits for a week

Working on his erector set
Playing with cousins at the Reneer's.
 The shirt says, "You are looking at a legend" he informed me this is not a statement, it is a fact.
 Getting ready to go play "black ops training" with Ike.
Jakey is also doing cross country this year for Hamblen Elementary. He finished his mile and came in 10th for the entire school. This is a huge improvement from the last time that he ran. I asked what his motivation was. He said, "Pretending Isaac was chasing me with a Nerf sword after he found out I stole all his darts out of his gun." I would have to say the black ops training is paying off.

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