Sunday, September 16, 2012

A single picture says so much

This post will only contain one picture.

At camp Daniel, Ike and their friends have a tent all to themselves. The family tent is set up usually on the other side of the campsite. We started this sleeping arrangement as the boys got older and became more and more smelly.

In this picture you can see a lantern hanging from the top of the inside of their tent. Next to the lantern you see a handkerchief wrapped around a cloth bag. This became known as "the sack of snakes". Now it would seem to  the untrained eye that this is an inescapable fortress, but this is not so! There were times when there would be as many as three snakes roaming through the boys sleeping bags and clothes and I am pretty sure one looked like it was working a bowel movement through his system.

So to cap this lovely story up, sack-o-snakes bad idea. Sleeping in separate tents, good idea.

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