Monday, October 1, 2012

First Meet of the 2012 Season

Jakey decided to do cross country again this year.
 Our goal was a simple one. He does not need to be the best runner out there, but I do ask that he keeps running for the whole mile.
 And he did!! I was super duper excited!!! He did great. Came in 31st. Right smack in the middle. Last year he and his buddy would just walk and chat up the whole time. They did not want the race to actually get in the way of social hour.
 And he had a very strong finish! You can just see the speed slipping around him as he races to the finish line.
He came home from his time trials at practice boasting that he not only finished his race within the time parameters but also had time to stop and the honey bucket for a quick pee half way through the race. Either my son is the Flash or the time parameters are way too lenient.

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  1. Nice job Jake! Those without competitive natures are hard to motivate but it looks like he may have turned a corner on this!