Monday, September 17, 2012

Spokane Interstate Fair 2012

 The Spokane Interstate Fair was at the beginning of this month. The first Friday all kids 16 and under get in free! This will be our last year that all kiddos get in free. :( Ben had been to the fair up in Alaska several times but he enjoyed the variety of life stock and booths we had as well as just the enormous size.

The most fun was had in the petting zoo. The Watusi was a huge attraction. Her horns were massive and she looked very fierce, but the crew soon learned she was a sweet as could be a loved to eat grain right out of their hands. Even Ben got in on the fun.

 They had so many animals there, calves, ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, and even some llamas. They girls favorite arena to visit was where they had all the bunnies. Some girls even had their bunnies out on a table to kids could come and pet and play with them. Maria also loved the piggy arena and wanted to climb into the gates to pet the pigs better. The piggies loved all the attention she lavished on them and she was surprised to find out the hair on them is not soft at all.

 There was some great booths set up to visit as well and we enjoyed looking at all the crafts. The local Sheriff dept. had a booth with a fake jail as well as a lovely display of shanks and other weaponry that has been confiscated by inmates. The older boys enjoyed looking at the display while the younger three enjoyed getting locked up. The girls went in giggling and the officer thought they were quite cute. Then just as he shut and latched the door Anna knelt down, Maria hopped up on her back, reached through the bars and opened the door. Oh they had good fun over that trick. Living with them for the past 7 years I saw this trick coming a mile away. The officer was quite surprised and the girls scurried back in so Anna could have her turn breaking out of jail. I looked at the poor man and said, "Welcome to my world. This has been going on for the past seven years." We gathered up our crew and headed off to the next booth so more kids could get locked up.
All in all it was a great afternoon at the fair mixing the smell of thousands of farm animals with the odor of deep fried yummy food.

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