Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daniel's latest aquisition

Daniel and Ike love to play chess. They especially love to play chess against me because I am a guaranteed win. Personally I don't think they should gloat winning against a person with such an obvious chess handicap. When ever we go down and visit my sister, Regina, they really like to play on her set because it is so different. How different do you ask? Well it is about $345 dollars worth of different. Regina did not know this at the time. In fact none of us did. Especially her kids who took great pride in decapitating several pieces. When I told Regina about our research in looking for a matching chess set, I could actually hear her crying from 800 miles away as I read her text, "WHAT THE @$^*!!"

Daniel has been looking for this chess set for over a year. Each time we would get WAY out bid on Ebay. (For all I know Regina could have been the other bidder.) Then we finally found one that was left un-noticed.  It had 5 hours left and no bids. The wood was chipped on one side and a few of the pieces needed the heads glued back on. No biggie. We won!  The behemoth weighs 17 lbs. It cost more to ship than what we paid for it. 
 It is an Aztec or Mayan style in figurines and in the carving on the board. We call it Lamenites vs Nephites.

 A good game of chess can take up to an hour with these boys. I have learned to just back away. I can still skunk Ike though in a game of checkers though. Mwaa, ha, ha.
 On another note, Daniel wanted to go visit his buddy, Forbush, on the last day of summer. I told him he could but first we have to change the oils in all the vehicles. Since he is the main driver of the Explorer, I figured he could change the oil on that.If he is going to drive it he has to learn how to maintenance it. He was more than willing and knew pretty much what to do because Ben and showed him the previous time. My dad would be so proud to know all three of our vehicles had their oil and filters changed at 3000 miles.

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