Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Grand Day at a Grand Dam

Since we are not taking any big trips this summer, such as Cali or Utah, Ben and I decided to take the kids on mini trips around the area. Our first stop was the mighty Grand Coulee Dam. The biggest in North America and it is right in our back yard! So my friend, Monica, and her four kiddos who are visiting from Texas came along for the adventure.
 We loaded up on the tour bus. Things have changed since I went as a kid with my family and Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Anna. No purses, bags, only a camera and wallet allowed. You go through metal detectors and there are armed guards everywhere!!
 We got out of the bus twice. Once to see the one of the turbine rooms. HUGE!! Then once on top of the dam. Our bus had to wait for an armed escort before we could go on top of the dam and get out.
 The view was amazing. Ike said, "Best water slide ever!!"

 This is how tiny we are compared to the top of the dam.
 After the tour we went to a beach just down the road. It was a fantastic beach!! Crystal clear waters, went in slow, but not too slow. Floating platform for the kids to climb up and dive off.
 Anna headed back to the water. She loves being in the water, much easier to get around and good exercise for her leg.
 The platform. Even Maria swam out and was diving out with the big boys.
 After swimming for about 4 1/2 hours of swimming, yes they had that much fun, we went back to the dam for some dinner and to wait for the laser light show. We only had about an hour to wait because they played so long at the beach.
 And as usual, with most of my posts, I leave you with an un-explainable picture. Have fun!


  1. How fun. Keep posting your mini trips so I know where to o too. :)

  2. Nikki, I have found that most people avoid visiting places we have been. Safety reasons.