Saturday, July 21, 2012

Daniel's take on his trip

Daniel had a dorm room he shared with one other boy. They did not see much of each other though. They were in different groups and the left the room at 7 am and did not get back until 10:30 or later each night.
 He also took a picture of his desk.....
 The view outside his window.....
 Their bathroom. I am pretty sure it was not this clean by the end of the course.
 The closet.....
 Their tv. Yes, the room came with a tv.
 On Saturday they had a free afternoon. Uncle Ricky snatched Daniel up and they went and visited Grandma Anna. They had Subway sandwiches and played three games of Rummicub. Grandma Anna kindly let Daniel win three times in a row. She is so competitive, I am sure this was driving her nuts. That is love.
 They they went across the street to a baby christening. There was a mariachi band there. Ricky and Grandma Anna thought it would be a blast to have Daniel have a picture with them, but then they thought, "Hey!! Lets have him pretend to be playing the violin as well!!" Well the nice girl playing the violin was not quite as thrilled at this idea, but did want to pass up a chance to make a fun of a gringo. In the picture below you can see her talking to Daniel she is saying, " You better not drop that violin!"
 I think this could be considered cultural enrichment.
 On Sunday the whole NYLF group went to Universal Studios!! Where with enough money you can buy your dreams.
 This picture is dedicated to Aunt Katie. She is a huge Scooby Doo fan so Daniel was excited to get a picture with the Mystery Machine. It does smell of dog and weed, just as well always suspected.
 Just like at the start of many of his favorite movies.
 This is Marco........................................................polo. Okay, his last name is not polo but I just cannot say Marco without Polo. Apparently he spent a lot of the program on the floor.
 Daniel playing with the camera
 He took some great pictures from the plane. Mt. Olympia

 The plateaus of the middle of Washington.
I edited out a lot of the pictures because they were blurry, black, and of people he did not even know. He did take a lot of pictures of skyscrapers because they were just so huge. You see in Spokane our skyscrapers area  whopping 14 floors high. Woo Whoo!!
He made some good friends there and is keeping in contact with a few of them. There were kids from all over the world there. He was the only one from Washington that he knows of. Wow!

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