Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Continuing Anna

Last Monday Anna went in for her last surgery. It took all of a 15 minutes. The Dr took out four pins. This is her before surgery. She is not nervous at all.
 After the surgery. She does great. She does not get sick at all. When Ben and I went back to recovery she was somewhat awake and in a fairly pleasant mood. She loved getting a bag of goldfish crackers all to herself and some tasty apple juice. By the time she was done with her snack she was ready to head home. She went for surgery at 7:30 am and was home by 9 am.
 Her cute little foot. Nice to see it again. Latter on that afternoon she took a shower, sitting on the shower floor. She says it felt good to play in water again.
 My sister Linda, just happen to have a child size walker from when her daughter broke her leg. Anna has been practicing walking with this. Thank you so much Lou for letting us borrow it. Anna is not thrilled with learning to walk again. Having her leg in a cast for over 2 months has left the muscles and tendons are very stiff.

Daniel performed the surgery for us. We figured two weeks of medical school was enough for a simple procedure

As for this character.....
He is trying out for a part in the remake of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I will let you guess which one he is.

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  1. Oh I am so glad the surgery went well!!! She is such a brave patient girl!