Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh the delima

Our chimney is crumbling. We noticed this problem this past spring. Obviously someone else noticed this before we bought the house and tried to fix it by coating the top in concrete. Although a quick fix, it has left a mess for us. Now not only does the top need to be re-done. We cannot re-use the bricks because they are coated in concrete. Mr. Contractor has to track down bricks of this design from 1950 that are of course no longer being made. So far two months later and no dice. Winter is just around the corner and we have no chimney. Our furnace vents through this chimney.
 So now we ask ourselves, "Hmmmm where oh where do we find the 500 bricks needed to repair this mess?"

Then I looked across the driveway, at the neighbors house. The house they are renting. The house made up ENTIRELY of the exact type of brick we need!! I call that an answer to prayer. Now just to figure out how and where to start chipping bricks off. Do you think 500 bricks would be noticeable? I like to think of this project as a life size game of JENGA.

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