Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July, 2012

Fourth of July started out normal enough for us.....
 Maria found a kitten.
 Ike caught several fish and even was able to keep a few to eat.
 Then things started to go awry. No, it was not the fact that Daniel is grilling. He does that a lot and does it rather well. It was what he was grilling. Let's just say my mom is no longer allowed to choose the meat served at these shin digs. We had turkey burgers. Now I know that the turkey was orginally slated to be our national bird, but it is not. Do you wanna know why? Because it tastes fowl. HA HA HA. Did ya see that? I made a funny. But back to more serious matters now. How in the world did we end up eating turkey burgers for fourth of july? This question has still remained un-answered.
 Look at the look of disappointment on this precious little girls face.
 Ike was hoping his turkey burger would taste a bit better with some lead in it.
 Jakey just wanted to shoot something.
 For the holiday I took a hair do tip from my good friend, Jamie Christensen, and did the girls hair up like a star with red, white, and blue hair bands.
 Luckily blowing things up made us all feel much better. The boys staged some tank battle for the girlies to watch.
 Daniel and Ike were in charge of the show. Oh yes, they look so pleased. The look on Ike's face says it all.
 This left grandpa having to guard his home with the only thing he had within an arms reach, a butterfly net. But it was a very sturdy butterfly net and we all felt much safer.
Uh......ya. I will let you come up with a story for this last picture. Please feel free to share it in the comment area.


  1. Ummmmmmm...let's get this said get out the burgers from costco..pop said no let's use up these turkey burgers given to lost battle...

  2. way to through dad under the train. ha ha ha