Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daniel's Travels

Daniel was invited to attend a National Youth Leadership Convention on Medicine at UCLA. Since 1999 there have only been 6 students from Ferris High School that have been invited to go. We were all pretty excited. Then he got a scholarship for the program to boot! He had to fly down there with a flight change (I was extremely nervous) but he did great. Uncle Ricky picked him up at the airport and got him settled in to his dorm room. Daniel took copious pictures of the dorm room. I will share those with the other photos he got on his camera. These pictures are ones that they sent me every day showing me what my "scholar" was doing that day.
This is Daniel's class. There were 220 students and they were broken up into groups of roughly twenty students each.

They had a talent night. Each group put on a show. His group did a skit to the song, "The Creep".  If you care to watch the actual video you can find it on youtube.
The last night they had a formal Gala event.
One of the many activities was the dissection of a pigs heart. They also got to go to USC hospital. Visited the morgue and did the round in the pediatric burn unit.

Here is some more of the kids. Daniel is second from the right n a grey dress shirt. Dress there was business formal to business casual.

I am not sure what is going on in this picture.

Here is more from their skit to The Creep. This kid is demonstration The Creep.
Here is another batch of kids from the Formal Gala.He came home safe and sound. We were very relieved to see him walk back down the arrivals walkway. He looked tired and a wee bit tan. He made a few good friends had a great time and really wants to go do this again. I told him to start saving. :)

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