Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am dumbfounded.

So Daniel (14) gets up at 5:30 monday morning for early morning seminary. (Religous class)

He stated, "I am gonna kill Jake."


He continued his thought which impressed me because he struggles with that anyways. He was really focused. "He got into my night vision goggles and now he must pay with his life."

I try to diffuse the situation because I am fairly fond of Jakey. " Now Daniel, you don't know it was him for sure. You have a lot of siblings." Please let Jakey be innocent for just once.

"Mom" he sighs, "He is wearing them on his head."

Crap. Even I would have to say that is pretty damming evidence.

So Jake wakes up. Well sorta wakes up. I ask him if he got into Daniel's goggles. He confesses without a fight. I can only assume because he was still asleep just trying to make it into the tv room to watch cartoons.

I asked if Daniel may punish him for his crimes. He agreed. At least I think he agreed. It was pretty garbled.

Daniel picked the kid up under his arms, and put him out on the front stoop and shut the door. Now this is 7 am. It is cold out! I go and open the door to see Jakey still standing there. I haul him in and set him on the couch infront of his cartoons. He may and he may not remember this morning events.

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