Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is beyond Calgon

The following took place in the 10 minutes i was in the shower. I know, what was I thinking? Showering before 10pm? well don't worry, i won't be showering again for a long time.

Ike has been practicing his hangman's noose. he has mastered it finally. at least that is the conclussion i came to when i walked in to seeing two cabbage patch babies, one stuffed dog, a stuffed fairy cat hanging and him working furiously away at another stuffed dog. children were in tears. Where does this kid find the rope? seriously!! i don't keep the stuff in the house for obvious reasons.

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. so of course all lights, shower pans, and fixtures must be packed in styrofoam. EVIL, EVIL stuff! Maria got a chunk and went into her room and tore it to shreads. now this would be messy in and of it's self but i will be honest with you. their room is not clean. it was all over stuffed animal (ones that were not alread strung up),dress-up clothes, toys, duplo blocks (static attraction un-real), and bedding. it was a huge mess!! and as you know, the more you sweep, shake, and vaccum the more they get attracted to walls, you and your vaccum. i think i got their room and the hallway cleaned up but every once in a while i run across a little styrofoam ball rolling by. the war rages on and i am probably gonna lose but i have to try.

so to wrap it up, that was 4o minutes of my morning. and Maria is grounded for the next two days.


  1. I HATE that styrofoam stuff! Why can't they use bubble wrap? At least that is FUN to pop and doesn't make a mess!

  2. OHHHHH that styrofoam stuff is how did you get it cleaned up. I usually am picking up every single piece one by one...what a nightmare! Funny though, I had a good chuckle thanks for making my day :)

  3. What can I honestly say except wow and I'm glad it's not me. Hang in there Jen!

  4. "hang in there" very funny sheilah. very, very funny.