Wednesday, July 28, 2010

things that make me keep having to take Tylenol PM

1. Jakey is turning 8 this year in November.

For LDS this is a time in a child's life that they get baptized. It is a very big deal for us. The father is the one that does the baptism and the confirmation blessing, which puts their childs name on the records of the church, and gives them the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with them always. It is something fathers really look forward to doing along with giving their sons the power of the priesthood when they turn 12.

2. Who is going to teach Daniel how to shave.

Unless he want to learn to shave his legs and armpits, I am at a loss.

3. Annual Father Son campout that our church puts on.

Need I say more?

4. Advanced math.

Meaning anything beyond multipication and division.

5. Daddy Daughter dances.

Well if i am being perfectly honest......Dan could not dance. It may be for the best that the girls are spared from watching that.

6. Are there any good movies out there where a loved one does not die??

West Side Story....out
Dear John......out
Out of Africa.....out

well I gotta get the kid off to the drs. then off to do more manual labor. up note, patio should be done by the time the sun sets on today.


  1. You can just call me the best now because I'm going to solve a few of those for ya right now so that Mr. Tylenol can have a break. First, I volunteer my fab hubby to do any camping trips- he loves camping and I'm starting to think that we're doomed to have all girls so he needs some boys loaned! Plus, I swear that guy is just a kid trapped in a man's body- he's great with kids! Next, I'm pretty darn good at math and could probably help! And finally, watch some comedies! I've found some of the best to be the ones that were originally too bad to see in theaters, but they show them on tv and have to clean them up! A little crude at times, but it does the job!

    Seriously though, don't EVER not tell me if and whenever we can help! We may be moving out of the ward, but definitely not out of Spokane! Love you lots!!!

  2. Oh and btw, you're seriously going to devastate Tim if you don't let him take your boys camping. I feel like the biggest disappointment to him sometimes cause his family loves camping and I can't stand it!

  3. I think of you and your family often...just so you know!