Friday, July 2, 2010

Pukefest 2010

We decided to kick off summer vacation with a trip to Gardner Caves up by the canadian border. It takes about 2 hours to get there, which is about 1 hours and 50 minutes longer than Daniel's stomach could handle. We had a vanload of kids that day. Daniel and his buddy were in the farthest back seat. (I prefer to stick the smelliest ones farthest away from my nose.)

The last leg of the trip takes place on a very narrow and winding road. We were stuck behind a car full of senior citizens out for a leisurly drive that consisted of them going 40 miles per hour. Daniel's buddy informed us that Daniel looked like he was about to, "blow chunks." This brought a sense of urgency to the last leg of our trip. I desided to pass the cadillac. Well the acceleration and turning at the same time was all that Daniel's stomach needed. I look back to see Daniel's head pressed against the back window. The people that got the real show were the old folks that we passed.
We had only 5 minutes left of our jounrey by then. It took some time for the smell to work it's way up to the front of the van. When it did it set off Anna's tummy and she was next to blow. Luckily by this time we were in the parking lot of the park so we were able to get her out and cleaned up soon, but then Jakey's little buddy kneeled in it getting out of the van. UGH!! But being the wonderful mom that I am I had plenty of wipes to clean up the floor, kids and then to tackle the back door and back bumper, which had it's own lake of vomit. After that we had a lovely day! No one else got sick and we all had a fantastic time. I will blog about Garnder Caves later.


  1. that is so gross, it makes me want to "blow chunks" just reading about it.

  2. so disturbing and so jenn at the same time.