Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gardner Caves

For the first Saturday of the summer I took the kids up to Gardner Caves. I have fond memories of going up there as a kid and thought I would share those memories with my children. What a stupid mistake!! Actually after all the barfing we did have a good time.
Anna was a bit unsure when she saw the stairs we would have to climb to get down.
We had to wait 45 minutes for our tour. Because we were such a large group we got to go all by ourselves.

The kids really got into it. I was so happy for how respectful they were and that they asked questions (ones that did not have to do with death or dismemberment) relative to the cave and its surroundings.

Some of the stalagtites are huge and millions of years old.

Walking back out of the cave. It is a cool 41 degrees all year round down there so it felt good to get back into the sunshine.

It is a short 1/4 mile hike to the Canadian border so after the tour we went on up. You can see in the background the border. I thought it was cool how they keep it clear.

Afterwards we had a well deserved lunch, seeing how most purged their stomachs on the way up. My mom and dad came along for the ride. I put my mom in charge of making sandwiches for the crew. SHE FORGOT!! one thing, just one thing!! and she forgot!! luckily we had lots of chips and licorice and rice cakes.

It was a great trip and i cannot wait to take them up to Boundry Dam next!!

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  1. Aside from a few mishaps, and the puking, since that is more disgusting than a true mishap should be, sounds like a fun, fun trip!