Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July!

Sure anyone can do fireworks on the fourth of july, but what about catching your own dinner? Ike found his "happy place" and caught seven fish yesterday! He was so pleased, he cannot wait to get back down there again. I am afraid he has caught the "fishing bug."
Jakey's approach is a bit different. He tries to coax them onto the hook.

Dinner time!!
Daniel took a short break from blowing things up to visit us at the crick.

Jakey sharing some of his fishing wisdom with his grandpa Reneer.
Jakey's first and only catch of the day. I love the smile on his face!!

Mother Nature provided the lightshow in the evening.

It was a fantastic fourth but we all missed Daddy so, so much. Especially me when I had to pull hook after hook out of the fishes mouths. GAH!!


  1. yes, but did dan miss the renner pyrotechnics?

  2. did i really just misspell my own last name?

  3. yes you did. but we would not expect any less.