Monday, February 8, 2010

Raquel goes to school........again.

Raquel got to go to Ike's classroom last week. He wanted to show and tell her. Ike was so excited. So we set up a date and time with the principal and his teacher. Anna and Maria got to tag along too. Everyone was so excited. Especially Raquel.

Thursday afternoon Anna, Maria, Raquel and I walked over to the school. This is a very familiar walk for Raquel you see, because she escapes quite a bit and the first place she bolts to is the playground to play with all the kids. well, sorta play. more like the rounds them up into a tight little circle in the middle of the field. All the kids know her by name now and call a friendly hello to her as they walk past the house.

We have to check in at the front office and get our visitors pass, which raquel wears around her neck. The secratary there peers over and sees Raquel and says, "Hey, i know that dog. she is here pretty much once a week." i said, " yes, but this time she has a pass." so thpppt! as i turn to hautily leave the office with my two girls in tow Raquel breaks off her lead!!! Holy CRAP! seriously, what are the odds here people? so of course the girls squeal with delight and chase after her. I am chasing too, but not squealing. i am muttering lots of words under my breath. She tried the elevator first, no go. Then she desides the LIBRARY looks like a good idea! crap! librarians are not know for their sense of humor. she is having a class in the reading corner. first graders!! Raquel is not a small dog. You tend to notice her when she enters a room. anna is the first to yell, "IT'S OKAY. IT'S JUST RAQUEL. SHE IS HERE FOR SHOW AND TELL!"
maria liking the way the chant sounds repeats it. raquel, after giving the computers a good sniff, senses me coming closer and takes off out another door. the second grade hallway where every single dang door is OPEN! crap. raquel stops at each door to poke her head in and give it a good sniff. this is followed by Anna and Maria sticking their heads in and shouting their little chant. This is followed by me yanking them out of the classroom and trying to gain some ground on Raquel. She made it all the way to the third grade hallway then was blocked by the large glass doors leading out to the playground. i straddle her, tie the lead back on using my boyscouting experience and headed the crew up the stairs to the fifth and sixth graders. Ike was waiting at the top of the stairs wondering what took us so long.

It was all worth it though. The kids has alot of fun. and raquel took a long nap when she got home. i don't see us getting invited back though.

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