Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boot Camp blip

I willingly signed up for the "biggest loser" program at bootcamp. to my credit is was at the end of a workout and i was not thinking clearly when i signed up.

last night was first weigh-in and we had to have our "girth" measured. his word, not mine. when ryan said "girth" again to my face i wrapped my hand around his throat and pushed him back into the wall. i hate that word. it is a dirty, dirty word. i had not been on a scale in FIVE years....until last night. i had a good run of being scale free. i enjoyed it. now for the next 10 weeks every monday i have to step on one and get weighed. for every pound i put on i have to pay $1. for every missed weigh-in i have to pay $5. i see myself putting Ryan's kids through college. maybe even an ivy league school.

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