Wednesday, February 24, 2010

President's Day scavenger hunt at Cabela's

well the scavenger hunt series continues for my friend, lanae, and i. we had 13 participants this time and two (not pictured) tag alongs.

the kids were really good. we asked that they have manners throughout the store. no pushing, shoving, running or yelling. we did not hear any complaints. it was a pretty slow day there. that helps.

our biggest struggle is dividing the teams evenly. making sure no one is left with a bunch of little ones or that we don't have a team with all big kids.

Anna Lindh with the elephant tusk. she looks so serious, you would think the hunted the thing down herself.

Anna showing the 15lb test fishing line and Ria doing to fishing of her own. wonder if she caught anything?

raccoon urine. no scavernger hunt is complete without it.

the last thing on their list was they needed to find us!! we had a good 45 minutes to wander throughout the store.

while waiting for the other teams to finish LeJune thought it would be fun to take some cute pictures.

they were all crammed into a one man tent.

it was a good afternoon. all the kids had a blast. we shall see what the next holiday brings.........

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