Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cereal Sale!!!!

There are two words in the world that make my heart sing..."CEREAL SALE!!" my friends and i all call eachother and make sure we all know.

they only have this sale three times a yr. once right when school starts, then in february and again when summer starts. this stash will last me until the begining of summmer.

i spent $100 but saved $90 with it being on sale!! man i love that feeling!
these boxes went into the pantry.


  1. You need to start doing the couponing. My sister's gotten deals at Albertson's for name brand cereal about a buck a box!

  2. sure, sure. i should prolly shower everyday. but it ain't gonna happen.

  3. AMEN!! to your post. You know my shelves look the same. I supplement with the Alberston's things, IF it's convenient, and usually it's not.