Friday, February 19, 2010

Daniel's Birthday

We let Dan celebrate his birthday a bit early because it falls on a Sunday this year. He wanted to have a bunch of the guys over for another scary movie night. Here is a pic of the crew. they went through 4 liters of pop, three bags of chips, a bag of bbq chicken wings and two boxes of little debbie cosmic brownies.
They watched scary movie until 1:30 am then switched to CARTOONS!!! then by 4am they were playing the wii. i kept checking in throughout the night and there was always a few up. they slept in rotations. very efficient of them.

Breakfast was two boxes of cocoa puffs. Then they were shoved outside and away from the TV!!! so what do they do to enterstain themselves????
Ya, normally i would be scared to see seven guys pile out of a van filled with smoke. Especially because it is MY VAN!!!! but really they were just goofing around with the fog machine. no, really. it is just fog.

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