Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so cute you are gonna wanna barf

We had thanksgiving with the Reneer's this year. We were joined by Blair, Linda, Max, Jaylee, and kathryn. Oops, and Pecos, Toad, and Tigger. (the pups)

it was so much fun to be out there again. it has been 11 years since we had a chance to go out there.

Linda and Max making the "creamed corn"

Mom and Kathryn. We came to the conclusion that mom is shrinking

More of Max. he has a great poker face.

Bumski with the ladies.
Kathryn and Lou trying to figure out who it taller. guess what! you are both the same height!

Jakey playing fetch with Tigger.

The pups getting their Thanksgiving dinner.

after dinner games

girls playing ring around the rosy and the take down that followed dinner.

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