Friday, December 11, 2009

December's visit

We were able to skip october's visit to the childrens hospital through creative medicating. but december caught us. she is getting used to the routine though. she was only afraid of getting poked (IV) but luckily we got there before it got that bad and she is awesome at taking her meds. so there is really no reason to give them to her intraveinusly. it is a bit pathetic when the dr. knows who you are. sigh. my mom did the night shift, which i am so thankful for. and dan's dad did the morning shift so i could get kids off to school before heading up for the day. we have this down to a seamless routine. =)

she got a super cool elephant mask this time. softer plastic and more comfortable.
mommy learns new tricks everytime. playdoh works great. that gave her something to do when she felt up to it. we also went for walks. but she hated those. it was very hard for her to do.

last day there!! her and maria spend alot of time on the phone. no sibling are allowed in her room. and only immediate family could come.

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