Thursday, December 24, 2009

We had Christmas Eve with my In-Laws this year. And i want to go on record to say........I HAVE THE BEST IN LAWS EVER!! seriously, i do. i am spoiled rotten by these people. they have been there for us when ever and i do mean WHEN EVER we needed them. and what is one of the best things (there are many) is after every visit i can set my watch and in twenty minutes i will get a phone call from my mother in law because she is sure she as offended me in some way, either putting sock on the girls feet because she is sure they are cold (it was 102 outside) or making the boys take a shower cause they smell (the usually do) or giving me parenting advice. and ya know what? she has yet to offend me in all the sixteen years i have known her. i truly enjoy having them in my life. and not too many people can brag that. my father in law is awesome. it is through him that i learned that the NRA puts out a Christmas card every year, along with commemerative coins, and hats. infact i would not be surprised if one year he is elected to be the president of the NRA. He is a police officer through and through and yet, willingly will dance a jig for Anna just so she will smile in the hospital. Yes, he has spent many hours and hours at her bedside putting up with all sorts of abuse from all the meds she is on. and smiles through it all.
I have 4, yes, FOUR sisters in law!!! they are great. We got to have two of them live with us at different times, and they still talk to ME!! shocking! Katie is my right hand. The kids come yelling and running when she walks through the door. she has a very devout fan club here. i am usually leading the pack.
Susan and i have a unique bond. I can be as obnoxious as i want to her and she puts up with it. We went on a road trip a few years back. just the two of us to seattle and back in one day. WOW! it was a ton of fun. well except for the part where i got terribly ill after trying Mountain Dew for the first time. UGH!
Amy is fun. we had alot in common in our love of books and movies and well.......othert things. mwaa haaa haa. I do so wish she would move in on our block. We could have sooooo much fun.
Jenna is far away now. Raising a family of her own. We got to have her stay with us as she prepared for her mission. She does not know this but i missed her so much after she left i went through a few weeks of depression. Cannot wait until i can see her cute little family again.

Anyways.....on with Christmas Eve. the big gift this year was one the WHOLE family could enjoy.... deoderant. Yep, that's right. all the boys got Old Spice deoderant. Jakey was smelling mighty fine as he went to bed tonight. tomorrow we will have to let him know that is only goes under the arm. not all over the body.
Katie and Amy helping the kids decorate cookies for Santa.

YUM!! Amy has that look on her face because Jakey was breaking the legs off his gingerbread men so he could re-attach them with frosting. UGH. his earlier surgeries were not so successful.

Anna playing with the magnetic dress up doll kit she got and ria got. it has....TRIPLETS!! yeah.

It was a wonderful night. the children are all in bed. the blue tube of frosting was missing for a moment, but a quick check in the girls room, as i turned on the lights to see two blue smiles looking a me, it was quickly located and put away. far,far, away.

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