Saturday, August 11, 2012

Huckleberry Picking

We did a last minute huckleberry run on Thursday. Paulino wanted to go up with his kiddos but did not want to go up alone. Just not a smart move. So he called his best friend. When that friend was busy, he called his second best friend. He was busy as well. Then he called a general aquatience and he was going to be out of town that day. Finally he has his wife, my BFF Princess Princess, and she talked me into going. I was not thrilled being left alone in the woods with a temperamental rican with a gun. But for huckleberries, I could risk it. Ben stayed home with the girlies. He had to close at the restraunt the night before and did nto get in til 1:30. Next time I am definatly dragging him out there.
 I am not allowed to tell you where we went (remember, temperamental rican) all I can say is we were on trail No. 23. The ride up was dusty and dirty. Mainly because Paul likes to drive like Mario Andredi on switchbacks.
 Ike giving Jake advice in case we see a bear. His advice was, "stay outta my way because I will trip you."
 We each found our little patches and hunkered down for the day. We picked from 10 am to 3 pm. We had to leave at three because Paul had to pick his wife up from work. As fierce a Paulino might be, he is scared to death of his wife. Good man.
 Here is Daniel. He really enjoyed huckleberry picking.
 Ike made me nervous. He and Ryen, Paul's youngest son, liked to go off on there own away from the pack and through the thick under brush it was difficult to see them at times. We had to do vocal checks.
 Heading back to the trucks for lunch break The kids did not want to break for lunch. They were having too much fun picking.
 This was our haul. It was a great patch that we found. I am looking forward to huckleberry waffles and huckleberry muffins. Yum!
As for Paul and I, once I was notified that I was the back up plan for him, I can to accept the fact and we had a great time. Out in the woods, with no one to witness any crime, he is actually a pretty decent fellow. :)


  1. I MISS YOU!! I will call today to check in. Have not heard from you in a while.