Saturday, August 4, 2012

The boys are back in town

This past week was scout encampment. They had 3500 scouts on 112 acres of land, and still the smell over powered the local flora and fauna.
My boys did their part to contribute to this problem. Small fact, there were no mosquitos in the area.

My happy little campers.
This is the gift they gave me. It smells bad. It is too bad your computer cannot share the smell.

 This is just ONE of the shirts to show you just how dirty these boys and their clothes were. I guess I should be very grateful they at least changed their clothes......I think.
Luckily my washer and dryer (thank you Lanae) have a santize cycle on them. The poor washer estimated it will take it 2 hours and 20 minutes to clean this first load of clothing. I have NEVER had a load of laundry take this long clean.
I am going to have to run the self clean cycle after I finish washing all their clothes. As for the dryer, it does not have a self cleaning cycle. I will just have to throw that one out and get a new one. I consider it a mercy killing.

As for camp, they had a lot of fun. There were tons of activities for them to do as well as merit badges to earn. Ike is very passionate fisherman and there was a fly fishing merit badge. This kept him occupied for the week. He was excited to show me his casting when he got home. I need to get him out to a body of water, preferably with fish in it, so he can practice some more.

Daniel got his cooking merit badge and weather merit badge. We know he is a good cook. He does this quite a bit at home.

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  1. You're welcome. =) Miss and love you! Glad the boys survived the experience and that your nose survived the aftermath.