Friday, June 29, 2012

Fleece Poncho

Summer comes last in these area of our great United States. Poor Anna was cold in her wheel chair because her sling on her left arm keeps her from being able to where just a regular coat. She really does not like her elbow being messed with. So....the PONCHO!! ta da! Just two layers of fleece sewn together with a pretty clasp in the front. We made it reversable first for warmth and because if she spills something we can just flip it over.  We made it long in the front to cover her legs and especially her cast. She was very self conscience about it when she first hurt herself. Now she is much more comfortable about it.

 Maria needed a poncho as well. Hello Kitty of course. Put on a nifty clasp for her as well. This one is tied together. I like the look of the sewn together and loose tassles.

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