Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anna's Follow Up Appointment

Here is Anna's cast she has had for the last two weeks. Her friends and family have done a lovely job decorating it.....

 But now it is time for it to go. Bye, bye cast. Anna was not too sure of the saw they used to cut off the cast as was quite certain that at several times during this procedure they were dangerously close to cutting off her leg.
 Cast is off, the nurse did a greaqt job taking it off and wrapping up Anna's leg. She still refuses to see what it looks like. Crazy girl. She went off for x-rays after this. They looked great, the bones are healing up nicely.
 This appoint was for her to get her stitches taken out. She was understandably nervous. Luckily she had a Garfield comic book and a sucker to keep her occupied. I love the expression on her face in some of these shots. Ben took so many and it was hard for me to chose which ones to share. I need to print them off and put them in a book. They make me laugh.
 No more stitches!! Hooray.
 For this cast Anna choose a lime green color. It is very fresh looking and goes great with summertime.
 She did not mind watching this part.
 All set up with a fresh cast and ready to go. She will go back in to weeks to the hospital do have the pins removed. For this they will put her under sedation. Whew.
So, two more weeks left in the wheelchair. Then she get to use crutches. Her elbow is great and she does not have to have the sling on anymore. :)

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