Monday, June 18, 2012

Anna's two week followup

Anna went to the orthopedic surgons office. She finally got to get that stinky bandage off. She was not happy with having anyone touch her leg or her arm. They did x rays of the elbow to see how it was healing. It is doing great! Since they do not cast elbows she just has to wear a sling and be careful not to put any weight on it at all.
 I had to read to Anna the whole time. She did not want to look at what was going on and needed a distraction so Ben took the pictures for us. Anna still refuses to even look at the pictures.
 Finally her foot is able to breath. I wish I could have washed it before it ended up in another wrap for two weeks.
 Where the stitches are is where one of her bones broke through the skin. She will get those out on her next appointment.
 She has four pins, as you can see, holding the bones in place while they heal. Those should come out in a month. Man, it is amazing how fast kids bones heal.
Yes, I did polish her toes. :)

Anna now has on a hot pink cast and it is almost completely full of signatures from well wishers. I will post pics of that later. Ben also made her a custom cushion for her leg to rest on in the wheel chair as well as a special board for her foot when she is in the car to hold it still and still be able to be in her booster seat buckled up.

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  1. It IS amazing how fast they heal. She's still in our thoughts and prayers.