Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anna's Adventures

It all started out well and good. An afternoon family bike ride on Memorial Day.
 It ended with this.
 Anna wrecked her bike. She did a lovely compound fracture on her right leg, breaking her tibia and fibia as well as breaking her elbow on the left arm. They did surgery the following day and they put her leg back together with four pins and she is wheelchair bound for 8 weeks.
 The boys had some fun with the board for the nurses to write mesages to eachother.
 Somewhere in these blankets is a sleeping Anna. Can you find her?
 Anna got pass from schoolfor the rest of the year. She went back to school and said goodbye to her friends and got to let the last butterfly go that the class has raised.
Maria gave her hand.

She had a check up this week and got to get into a cast finally. We had to wait two weeks for swelling to go down. She chose hot pink, of course. She will go back in two weeks to have a new cast put on, the stitches removed from where the bone popped through the leg. Yes, of course we have pictures. :)

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  1. Thanks for the post! Good to see she's getting better. We love you all!