Friday, December 23, 2011

Isaac's Christmas List

My kids usually don't put a lot of stock into making christmas lists and mailing them off to santa. sometimes they will tape them up to the wall, but even then it is only one or two kids. Ike is one that dreams big. The list he comes up with every year shows this. It also shows Santa that Ike has not be on the nice list for several years. In fact about 9 years straight.

1. Lego, Queen Anne's Revenge

only a mere $119.00 at your local Walmart

2. Ipod

$179 for the 8g. model

3. DSI not an XL

$169 he saved me a few bucks by downgrading from an XL

4. Art Supplies

Very reasonable request. He must have been suffering from lack of oxygen for this to have slipped in.

5. Paints with the color Brown

I am very concerned why brown must be included in this paint set. He has mentioned he need for brown quite a bit. He also like to draw pictures of poo. Possible connection?

6. Gun

Another year of him dealing with dissapointment.

7. Bowie Knife

Only if Jake gets one too. And how ever dangerous you think Ike is with a knife, triple it and you will have Jake's skill level.

8. Katana

Only after you pass your ninja training. And we do not know of any ninjas offering training.

9. Beaker, Test Tubes, Flasks

Hmm, this sounds safe. Why not allow him to do chemical experiments in his room. Oh, wait. Because odds are Jakey would not be waking up the next morning.

10. Survival Gear

Now this will come in handy seeing how Ike's dream in to live in a concrete bunker built into the side of a mountain. *mental note, make sure future spouse of Ike gets the booklet of all of Ike's past christmas lists.

11. Nuclear Power Plant

I told him that this will make all his hair fall out and his nether regions shrivel up. He seemed unphased by these facts.

12. Power in the middle east

We will start off small, I plan on just giving him our power bill and see how he deals with that first.

13. The Moon

Sorry, Bill Gates already owns this.

14. Happiness

Cheese. Need I say more?

15. MONEY!

Cannot buy happiness.

Thank you for reading along. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Fantastic.

    Seriously. Those should be on my list. Go Ike.

    I hope you find some good brown paint and paper. That would be ALL he got from us as parents. Although a power plant would be handy.

  2. I'm so glad God blessed that child with you as his mother. =) Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Lanae, someday I want to meet the other canidates for the job.