Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel James Brown 11-14-66

A bit late on this post. The pictures were on Ben's camera because I forgot to pack mine. Anyways........

As we do every year, we celebrated Dan's birthday. On his actual birthday we had Dan's favorite dinner of grilled steak and his favorite cake of Death by Chocolate, not for the faint of heart. Because it is winter and gets dark at 3 pm here we had to postpone the trip up to the cemetery until the following Saturday.

That Friday and Saturday a snow storm decided to blow in. Ben and I discussed what should be done and came to the conclussion it was worth the snowy drive out to Cheney and the hike up to Dan's grave site. You see, the hill is super steep so you cannot drive a car, much less a huge van, up there in the winter or spring when the dirt road is still muddy. So we bundled up the kiddos and took what is normally a 20 minute drive and stretched it out on an hour.

Here they are all heading up the hill. The wind was not too bad this time, but the snow was really coming down.

Trying to keep my face warm.

Anna, in the pink, and Maria, the purple blob on the ground, made it about 1/2 way up before passing out. I love Maria's look of completely giving up and telling those around her to go on with out her. Anna was a good sister and stayed by her side until mom came.

Three boys took their sister's directions literally and left her.

When we all got up there together and took in the beautiful sights around us a snowball fight broke out. Daniel and Ben each took cheap shots at me. The younger three made snow angels for Daddy and Ike took turns white washing and then getting whitewashed.

The people that were sledding in the fields across the road from the cemetery were a bit perplexed by the kids romping around the hills. Don't worry, they were just visiting their dad.

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