Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ike's parenting plan

Yes, it scares me just as much as it scares you to read "Ike" and "Parenting" in the same sentence.

As we just finished watching the Polar Express. Our first time in HD and I must say, "WOW WEEEE!" it was amazing. The father at the end of the movie lovingly refers to his son as, sport. Ike comes up with the clever idea that he is going to have three kids. Nickname one, Sport, the other, Tiger and the third, Loser. Then let them figure out who is his favorite.

I really wish he would keep his clever ideas to himself, they just make Ben and I worry all that much more about him.


  1. Oh but you forget that there has to be a women involved in order for Ike to have kids. We all know how powerful women can be when it comes to getting men to see things in the correct light. I wouldn't worry one bit. That is until he brings home his girlfriend and she is just like him, then worry.

  2. His dreams of living in a concrete bunker 4 feet underground helps keep my dream alive of him never marrying.