Monday, December 19, 2011


For those of you not in the know, Spokaloo is a end of season wrestling tournament. This is the Jr. High level between 9 schools. In other words it is a really, really long day spent watching hundreds of wresting matches. Ben and I packed snacks, lunches, games, and activites for the kiddos. Anna and Maria played with my Ipod. I did not pay much attention to what they were playing, instead I enjoyed the fact they were happy and entertained. At the end of our adventure I checked my Ipod to see that it had an additional 233 pictures on it.

So for you viewing enjoyment,

Anna and Maria's impression of Spokaloo.

Anna showing her sister her new birthday shirt from her Grandma and Papa Brown.

Maria showing her new birthday shirt from Grandma and Papa Brown.

Maria pretending to be tall taking a picture of Anna.

Anna's scrunched up angry face. We see this one around the house a lot.

They discovered the ability to see themselves and take pictures.

I LOVE this one.

What in the world is this a picture of?

The inside of Anna's mouth.

Extreme close up of Anna.

For some reason they felt the need to document the snacks being eaten by the people next to them.

Cheesy Mc Cheese.

Oh and they did take a few pics of their brother. Gotta remember he was the reason they were there.

And now back to the Maria show. This is the glow board Grandpa and Bumski Reneer got Anna. Just an FYI, awesome gift for those wonder what to get the 5-8 yr. old in your life.

More of Maria. I have about 50 shots from this. If I flash through them it makes a short film of Maria drawing a picture. They learned about the video mode shortly after this

The glow board....uh....glowing.

Anna insisted I include this picture of her knee. It is pink. She has pink pants on. If you doubt this I can show you the other 15 pictures to prove it.

Her first few attempts at taking a picture of her knee were a bit shaky. I guess it is harder to take a picture of ones knee that I anticipated.

I have 30 pictures of the persons butt infront of us. I can understand accidently taking two or three, but thirty? That causes one to pause and wonder why.

So I hope you have enjoyed the girls take on Spokaloo. Ike did not do as well as he hoped. He was really nervous seeing how this was his first time in a tournament as big as this. I wish I could have helped him settle down so his nerves would not have gotten the best of him but he learned from this experience, as did I. From now on Anna and Maria will be incharge of the camera on all our outings.

Miss Anna Banana.


  1. As always, entertaining and informative. Miss you!

  2. Miss you guys to. I am still bitter on your decision to move for a job. Being employed is highly overrated compared to me. ha ha ha