Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year we had christmas at the Reneer's. As promised, I let the Anna and Maria be in charge of the photo documentry. In order to understand these pictures you need to down 15 pieces of fudge, be hopped up on christmas excitment and have your best friend and cousin at your side. Now hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

This is Anna's "O.M.G!" look.

Daniel at the top of the stairs. My parents have a very firm NO PLAYING ON THE STAIRS RULE. My children have a very firm rule that ignores that rule.

This is Jaylee. She is the kids cousin and also Anna and Maria's best friend.

This is Jaylee and Maria. For some reason they are huging a pole. I don't know why. Pretty sure the sugar made them do it.

Still hugging. Maybe it makes the room stop spinning.

Uncle Ricky. Notice blur of girls swirling around him. This happens to Uncle Ricky a lot.

What christmas lights look like when you are running past at 80 miles per hour.

The one clear picture. What an adorable picture it is too. This is Linda's youngest, LouCylle with my mom, aka Bumpski.

Anna showing Maria that yes, she can poke her brain. It is squishy.

Hi, Aunt Kathryn.

Aunt Kathryn with Jaylee and Anna.

Bestest Buddies.

Aunt Linda

A quick shout out to the Christmas booty under the tree.

More present pictures.

Jaylee with a stocking.

And this ends our Christmas evening tour. No small animals were harmed during this photo montage. If your surroundings look blurry to you after reading this blog, don't worry this is completely normal. Bend over and place your head between your knees and breath deeply a few times. It is very important though to remember not to pass gass while doing this. Don't ask me how I know this but the Dr says the knot on my head should go down in a few days. I was lucky I did not get hurt any worse.

Christmas morning with the family. I love that I don't have to be in the pictures.

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