Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This old dog learns some new tricks.

This is our snack tote. All things needed for after school snacks. Microwave popcorn, cookies, crackers, graham crackers....well you get the idea. The trouble we have ran into in the past is RAIDS!! yes, we live in a houseful of raiders.

So Ben and I came up with this nifty, Yes we are so cool we use words like nifty. This has saved us lots of $$$. and i looooove saving money.

What is this marvelous idea? Well wonder no more.

It is a footlocker with a padlock on it. They can only get into when I unlock and I stand there and watch what they pick out so I can lock it back up immediately afterwards. Now you are wondering where do I keep the key to this magical box.

On my key chain so that way when I am gone they cannot clean me out and hide the evidence all over the house in nooks and crannies. Which they have done and will do. I know all about this because, dear reader, I did the same thing to my own mother. But usually it was frozen cookies and twinkies. The woman froze everything. But we got the last laugh. We love eating frozen chocolate chip cookies and hostess cupcakes. Mwaa haaa haaa!

I submit exhibit A. Wrappers left over from raiding hidden in a nook or crannie. I am not really clear which one this is.

As you can see I am as pleased as punch with this new arrangement. Been using it since august with stellar success.

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