Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I cleverly posted my pictures backwards for your viewing pleasure.

The girlies have Ms. Riebe this year. She is new to us, but not to the school. All the boys had the same teacher, Ms. Baugher. I have a feeling she was done with the Brown's.
Headed off to school. Jakey rode his bike the whole 1/2 block. Maria is in the Hello Kitty backpack and Anna is in the Spongebob.

Jakey age 8. Jacob has Ms. Fielding for his third grade teacher. She also taught Ike when he was in third grade.

Jakey being silly for the camera.

First grader....Maria sporting a lovely combination of purple and pink!!

and announcing first grader.....Anna! She was mad because her shoes were not fitting just quite right, but smiled anyways. Of course she wore pink because it is her favorite color.

About a year ago Ike desided he is too cool to smile in pictures so every picture I have of him he has this obnoxious look on his face. I cannot wait until he is much older and sees all this pictures I have of him. He we very excited to go to Chase Middle School this year. He has the same homeroom teacher that Daniel did. He came home with lots of exciting stories and has high hopes for the year to come.

My elementry school students.

I have been seeing this smile so much more lately. I love it! Here is my big sophmore, Daniel. I cannot believe that he is in 10th grade already. Yes, this highschool thing is flying by way too fast. He is in football this year. Plays defensive line and seems to be enjoying himself. It does help that he signed up with his best bud, Forbush, so they have eachother.

So there you have it. The first day of school. Well today is the second day of school, but oh well. Spent yesterday afternoon going through piles of paperwork. Classroom rules, homework rules, student expectations, volunteer applications, yada, yada, yada. Ordered my school books today. Got all four of them used from Amazon for $130 which I was so happy with considering that one book alone costs $152 from the book store. Now to get my notebooks, pencils, binders, pens and what not in order. Maybe I will have Ben take a picture of me on my first day of school. ha ha ha

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