Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honeymoon? Let's take the kids camping!

This is just a quick photo preview of our week. I will post an album on facebook which should take just under a week to upload.

Well we took our annual camping trip this summer. Not even a wedding was gonna get in the way of that. Lucky for us, Ben is an avid camping but refused to call what we do camping due to the fact there is running water, an out house, and food that we did not kill ourselves. well pooh,pooh. Our regular campsite, Outlet Bay, that we have gone to for the past 13 yrs. was out of service due to repairs. Yes, odds are we caused the damage. So after we sat there in our van stunned for a few minutes we headed out in search of a new campground, which apparently real campers don't use those either. pashaw!

Reeder Bay became our home away from home for the following week. Now you may thinking about pitying the poor souls at Reeder Bay but fear not! We had nothing on the group two campsites down from us. They played the bagpipes every night for about 30-45 minutes. No, they did not keep this melodious music to just themselves. They packed up the back of the truck and drove around campsites sharing the love.

We worked good as a team getting the site set up so we could hurry down to the lake. Really my sole purpose of camping. Daniel, Ike and Forbush had their own tent and then Ben, Jake, Anna,Maria, and myself had another tent set up as far away as possible (all of 10 feet) from the boys stinky tent.

Anna enjoying her sandwich and a bit of a rest from playing in the water.

Ben grabbing a much needed powernap with Maria keeping him company reading her favorite Fancy Nancy book. What? You don't know who Fancy Nancy is?? Well go look her up. Every 5 yr. old girl loves Fancy Nancy.

Ben teaching Ike how start a fire with one square of TP and flint. Because I really the kid needs to learn how to start fires in variety of ways. ha ha ha

Jakey and the girls chilling on their side of the tent after dinner.

A very blurry picture of the girls. I needed to clean my camera lense.

Hanging out at the site #7.

Picking wild raspberries coming back from swimming. On Friday night we had breakfast dinner. Berry pancakes, eggs, corn cakes,bacon and sausage. Yum Yum the kids easily ate 60 pancakes that night. It was insane.

My co-pilot.

The three youngest usually ate at the little table because we could not all fit at the picnic table.

Yet, another blurry picture of the girls.

All in all it was a very sucessful trip. We did not have any rain this year. In fact it was blisteringly hot.

We found some amazing hiking trails and got some beautiful pictures from there. I will also put those in the facebook album.

Yes, I know I have not posted a blog about our wedding. Thank you for your gentle and not so gentle reminders. I promise to do that posting next. :)

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