Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuff I cannot make up, even in my wildest dreams....

Ben and I went to our first Football Booster Club meeting just to get info on what is going on this season. Turns out I almost missed the First Annual "Huddles and Heels" event. GASP!

I have been so busy trying to keep up on the current events via "Ladies Home Journal"

So Huddles and Heels is a chance for us ladies who are just baffled by this complicated game called "Football" As the very kind lady pointed out, "Now we will no longer bother our husbands with annoying questions while they they are trying to watch the game." Ben knows me well enough to actually grab a hold of my leg just to make sure I was not going to jump up and throttle the chick.

Not only is it an evening with Coach Sharkey, yes that is his real name. But also wine tasting and a lovely fashion show from a local boutique put on by the cheer leaders!! I don't know about you but that just seems like a evening of FUN,FUN,FUN!!

The coach will be there to give us one on one attention and explain the game and answer all our embarrassing questions about the game so we don't have to look silly in front of our husbands. SERIOUSLY....THESE ARE HER WORDS!!!

And all this humiliation only costs $20!!!!

So all you clueless women out there who don't want to appear stupid about football in front of there dear sweet husbands and much less pester him with annoying questions not to mention WINE!! and a lovely fashion show put on by cheer leaders to further damage our fragile self esteem.....this night is for you! I hope they choke on a stiletto.

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