Monday, August 8, 2011

Okay, This time it's for reals

Okay my fellow readers. Sorry I have been so remiss on posting. We are very busy working on projects around the house. Romantic I know. But when we got back from California the shower was running really slow. So that was our first project. Then we needed to fix the liner on Big Red. It started falling down on our way to California. Next was a rack to hang all the cast iron pots and pans so we can free up shelf space. Between the two of us we have a lovely selection. Right now as I type Ben is putting up hooks in the bathroom so we can hang our towels up, I never got around to putting those back up after the remodel, and finishing the trim on the bathroom door.

So on Thursday the Stoddards stayed at the beach house and we wondered off to that day's Culteral Enrichment activity. The Long Beach Aquarium. It was so much fun. We had booklets that we got to emboss at each attraction. Because the aquarium was so large, at least for us, it let us know that we had seen everything there was to see by the time our "passports" were all stamped.

They had a jellyfish touch tank. Touch tanks are where you can pet the sea creatures. Jelly fish are surprisingly solid.

And fascinating to watch.

One of the tanks was three stories tall. It was so beautiful. Sadly the pictures do not do it justice.

This is the "Papa/Grandpa" sea ray. I think I see why the three little ones were so sure it looked just like Vertie and Rick. His top lip is frilled so it looked like a mustache and he looked like he was smiling because of the gills on either side of his mouth.

This is the shark touch tank. No petting the ray! But there were plenty of sharks to pet. I was surprised that all the kids enjoyed petting the sharks.

Here is Maria showing some love to Mr. Sharkie.

They had touch tanks with sea anenomes, star fish, sea urchins, sea slugs, and lots of other fun and bizzarre sea life.

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