Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing the newest member of the family. Thank goodness I did not have to birth him.

Blogger is being a pain in the butt and only allowing me to post one picture at a time and then has the nerve to take f o r e v e r to up load it. grrr

i have a few minutes so i will work with what i got here.

This here is Mr. Benjamin Guhl. He had the crazy idea to marry me and in so doing become the step dad to my brood. Just proves that he is just crazy enough to blend right in.

We finally found a camp chair big enough for him at Big 5 but sadly it was not for sale. Anna and Maria wanted a chance to sit in the chair and this is also a rare picture of Ike smiling for reals and not just trying to look cool.

We went to Spokane's own Highlands Games. Hmmmm, how do discribe the event......we will go with "Less than impressed." Ike, Jake and Ben tried out the archery tent. They had big q-tip shaped arrows and you tried to hit some poor sap dressed up as a knight.

Jakey got a bit of instruction.

umm, i don't know who is shooting in this picture. I think it was Ike.

We also got to try genuine Haggis. The real deal. It smelled, less than appetizing. Looked a bit like a gigantic sausage. I guess that is because that is what it is. Jakey took a sniff and gave his to Ike. Daniel ate the girls samples. Ben had no desire to try it because he had already experienced the pleasure of haggis. I got to try some. The pictures are on Ben's camera. I will try to get them up loaded tomorrow. I went into this with a game plan. Bite and swallow. The haggis knew of this game plan and came up with a plan of it's own. The moment I bit down it exploded into thousands of little bits of guts, organs and things i tried not to identify inside my mouth. forcing me to pick it out of my teeth and cheeks with my tongue. Well played, Haggis. Well played. P.S Daniel and Ike loved it. They said it tastes just like my mom's meat loaf. HA HA HA HA

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