Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A wonderful success at failing

I know, what a fantastic picture to start off this blog with. No, Geoff is not the failure. If anything I consider this picture of him to be a stunning success. Geoff was the newest member to our merry band of travelers that thought it would be a great idea to bike from Seattle to Portland.
So we, (Anna, Monica and I) met up at Geoff's place for a wonderful carbo loaded dinner of homemade seafood fettuchine. Due to un forseen circumstances and a misplaced cow Anna was not able to join us that night. We ate, then thought it would be a fantastic idea to draw on eachother cool pictures for the race. Geoff did my race number on my leg.

Turned out pretty cool. Too bad it was short lived. Yes, the marker lasted longer than I did. ha ha ha

Anna, Monica and I camped out in the parking lot in BigRed so we could be at the start line bright and early. Meaning 4:30 am. It was early. But none of us were anywhere near bright.

Here we are at 10 mile water stop. Oh the look of hope and joy on my face.

This is mile 25. Breakfast time. We hit here right before 8 am. I was feeling pretty sick and the thought of eating food repulsed me. I watched my friends chow down and was digusted. Hmmm, something is not right here. I normally am a huge fan of eating.

There are no picture from the lunch pit stop. As most of it was spent with me bent over in the bushes vomiting. I ran out of water five miles from our lunch stop. Kept trying to keep fluids in me but I kept barfing them up. I was very, very angry and frustrated at myself and my stupid body. So I placed a call to Carlos, trying my best not to cry. ( I totally cried) He called his buddy Scott because I was quite a ways away from, well, pretty much anywhere. Scott drove an hour down from Olympia to drag my sorry butt and bike back to his place where Carlos, Rachel and their kiddos drove three hours to bring me back to there place. Scott's house was really nice, the bedroom he put me in was really nice, the carpet was really nice. Oh how I prayed everytime that I would make it to the bathroom and not black out in the hallway.

So I hung out with my brother and his family Sunday, getting updates from my friends on the trail which sadly, made me cry because I wanted to be there, accomplishing something! Instead of trying to hold down a friggen cracker!!

Rachel drove me back to the U District in Seattle around 10 pm to meet them and drive them back to Geoff's where we crashed.

Monday started early for some reason. So Monica and I headed down to the piers to get a look at downtown Seattle and play the dorky tourist. Turns out I do dorky really, really well. Anna was not able to join us for this adventure either do to the mis placed cow from Friday. I now know why I don't eat beef. HA HA HA HA

Nothing important about this picture. I just loved the irony of it.

It is a picture of fishermen on a boat. Yep, told ya I was good at being a dork.

We went to Pike Street Market and saw someone buy $707 dollars worth of salmon. Not hard to do at $18 a lb. Tasted some delish smoked salmon that was $30 a lb. Monica and I figured the sample alone was about $5 worth of salmon. Yes, I did lick my fingers.

I am getting better at dealing with my failure of not finishing the STP. But I have to be realistic here to. First off I did a triathlon 14 days before this race. Secondly I promised Daniel I would come back alive. He was worried who was gonna cook meals for them. I am so happy for his concern.

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