Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pickles anyone?

This post does not contain any cute or clever pictures. So those of you who still don't read books that don't have pictures will have to ignore this post and wait for the next one.

Wednesday morning Maria was in the fridge looking for a snack when one of the door shelves fell off. She freaked out, because this is not the first thing she has broken in this house, and started to cry. I went over to assess the damage, and mental rack up how much this is gonna cost me, and was pleasantly surprised to see it would be an easy fix.

I stuck Maria in the corner of the kitchen because the fridge door being open blocks the doorway out of the kitchen. As I was jimming the shelf back on I knocked off a jar of dill pickles. It landed on my foot and broke. Maria quickly shouted that it was not her fault. My mom, realizing I was in way over my head, started to come over. Luckily Jakey beat her there. As he walked by he felt the need to say, "Mom, the pickle jar broke." I calmly stated that I was aware of this fact. Then once he realized that I probably was he then asked, "Can I have a pickle?" I was stunned for a moment then answered back that no he could not have a pickle at this time because they are all over the floor and my foot and chances are they have shards of glass mixed in also.

I see a bright future for him as an EMT.

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