Saturday, July 23, 2011

One week already?

we have visited lots of local spots in between getting sunburned at the beach. for a few days we had a very strict "No slapping anyone on the back." rule. One of our stops was Balboa Pier. It has a merry go round which the girls flocked to almost as fast as they flocked to the cottoncandy.

Daniel and Ike did the ferris wheel. it took me 12 shots to finally get one of their cart. Ihave a lot of the cart behind them.

They have a nifty nautical museum too! With Ike's love of fishing he was more than happy to pose with this giganitic fish. I am stunned I finally have a picture of him smiling!



Anna is at the wheel.

They had touch tanks too. the kids got to touch starfish and sea slugs. i was all for the starfish. as for the sea slugs.turns out i like them as much as their relatives, the land slugs.

one of the MANY model boats they had. the kids had a lot of fun looking at these.

I have a variety of bedmates. The other night i walked in and was suprised by this princess. I love how she had herself and blanket all laid out just so and how her toes are peeking out.

Then on another day we went to Balboa Island. The candy shop and toy store were very popular stops. Of course we had to get a picture of Bessie. The girls were more than happy to pose.

Anna magnifying her magnificent smile for me. I did not notice this until i uploaded the pictures.

Maria begging me to take them out into the ocean to jump waves.

An end to another wonderful day of playing on the beach. Ice cream out on the patio. :)

Ike burying Anna.

Anna and Maria building castles in the surf. I guess they have not gotten the gist of the primary song, " The wise man built his house up on the rock."

Well as you can imagine i have a lot more pictures to share. I will try and get those posted soon.

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  1. Looks like you're having a great time! Can't wait to see you again, briefly.