Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An update from the road

This post reminds me of writing a letter home from camp because really I am posting this to keep my family in cheney up to date. so.....

Dear Mom and Dad, Katie,Amy,Jenna and Susan,

We made it to the beach, but no worries lots of adventures were had along the way. We went through the John Day pass on the way to Reno. It is a very twisty, turny, windy road. I think you know where this is going. Luckily only one kid barfed. Poor sweet Maria. She gave us plenty of notice to pull off the road and shove a towel under her chin. So the mess was at a minimum. Anna started feeling cruddy too.

The scenery was lovely, but i will not be going home that way.

We stopped for lunch at the John Day museum. They had creepy mannequins. They scared the girls. By girls I include myself.

They had a dress up box so the girls tried on some hats. the first picture I took of Anna had her blinking. So I asked her not to blink this time. The following picture was the result of this request. I think I am gonna get this one blown up and framed.It makes me smile everytime I see it.
Maria looking saucy as always.

Just hanging out and looking at everything. there was a lot to look at. They liked the two headed calves.

We spent the night and all day friday in Reno with the Lindh's. It was a much needed break after driving through four states in one day. Anna and Maria spent the evening and night barfing and having other digestive problems. Just too long of a car ride for them I think. They were feeling like their spunky selves by Friday. We went and took the kids downtown. Had to get our picture taken in front of the famous, "RENO! Biggest Little City in the World" sign. As you can see when Lanae and I get our families together we make quite a crowd.

The kids were less than impressed with the smells inside the casino. They said they would much rather smell the exhaust from the cars on the street. Yes, we took them inside a casino. Circus Circus does free circus act every hour. Good thing it was free because the kids were less than impressed.

So we took the kids walking down the the "river" and I use this term loosely. It was more like a large shallow creek. It was moving fast but nothing like the rivers they are used to seeing at home. It was hot and they did have a lovely water feature. The kids started out looking at the water, then sticking their hands in it and before I knew it, they had a full blown water fight in which I got nailed twice!!

They came back and played boardgames, chased lizards and basically became wonderfully lazy. It was a wonderful afternoon.

We also went to a park near Lanae's house that morning. All of the kids, yes big ones too, had a great time. They all played tag and basically took over the huge four story play structure they have there.

Anna, Maria, and Sarah.

Obligatory family picture infront of giant frog. I like how it looks like Ike and Bumpski are having a stare off. One of many.

Daniel took his turn at the wheel to. I only let him drive for an hour at a time. Which was more than fine with him. Driving Big Red is not easy at highway speeds. The winds tend to push her around.

The crew totally at ease with daniel at the wheel. Wish I could say the same! Ike is in the back passed out.

We are at the beach house. Having fun collecting shells and jumping in waves, and of course sporting some fantastic sunburns!!

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