Wednesday, December 22, 2010


some mom's thrive at being a "mom." i am not one of them. don't get me wrong, i love my children a lot.but winter break is hard. it is cold, wet, and snowy out. my house is roughly the size of a postage stamp and i am sick. i have a terrible cold. my body hurts, my head is filled with snot and i wanna just go hide in my room until school starts TWO WEEKS!! We get on eachother's nerves. I can bond with my children, but i prefer if other people were bonding with them right now. There sweet little voices are like nails on a chalk board right now. All their questions are making my head want to explode which would result in just another mess for me to clean up. Please pray for me and my children, that we shall make it through these next two weeks without any lasting, emotional damage.

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