Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another establishment that we leave with our heads hung in shame

The girls wanted to go here for their birthday dinner. Bonus, I did not have to cook! Double bonus, I don't have to buy them anything other than a drink. They have all you can eat free peanuts. I only have to feed the three other thugs.
Anna started feeling unwell right before we left. She felt warm when we sat down. She ate like a trooper. I spent the time shuttling girls to go potty, get refills, get more peanuts, get ketchup for their brothers fries they were snatching. Basically doing everything but eating.
Then "it" happened. It was pink, her favorite color, and well I was glad I had not eaten. Anna barfed 3 times! all on the floor, but in a different spot eachtime. Yes, I saw the look of horror on the other diners faces. I sent Daniel to the counter for re-enforcements. We tried to make a quick escape. Ya, that just does not happen with this crew. Nor were they quiet about it. It does not help that I was laughing to myself as we left.
As we loaded back up into the car to go home and open up birthday presents Anna stated, "That was the best birthday dinner ever!" I love my kids!! They make this blog possible!


  1. Never a dull moments with kiddos, especially when you have 5! Hey at least your kids enjoyed themselves. I can just imagine what the employees were saying as you walked out, haha....

  2. I love that place. at least you could leave and not have to worry about cleaning it up.

  3. yes. i think that is why i was laughing. i am evil that way.

  4. The best birthday dinner ever! =D